Weather Alert – U.S. Embassy Georgetown, Guyana

Location: Guyana; possible heavy rains country-wide

Event:  Guyana is experiencing significant rainfall and the weather forecast predicts more heavy rainfall in the coming days. Georgetown sits six feet below sea-level making it especially susceptible to flash flooding.

ROADS and PLACES that are/will be affected by FLOODING

Rupert Craig East Coast Highway

Bel Air Park area

Downtown Stabroek Market area

Around the Georgetown Public Hospital area

Carmichael and Waterloo Streets between Middle and Church Streets

Barrack Street between Camp and Parade Streets (east end of Barrack Street)

Alberttown and Queenstown Area

Cuffy Square

Lower Hadfield Street

Homestretch Avenue near Vlissengen Road

National Park

Regent and Robb Streets

Actions to Take:

  • Be sure to have an adequate food and water supply at your residence that can sustain your family for at least 72 hours.
  • Seek secure shelter or be prepared to shelter in place at your residence in the event of severe flooding.
  • Keep flashlights, candles, and extra batteries/chargers readily available.
  • Ensure you and your family members have a Go-Bag with life essential items.
  • Do not attempt to drive through heavily flooded streets.
  • Monitor the local news for updates.


U.S. Embassy Georgetown, Guyana
100 Young and Duke Street, Georgetown

Emergencies: 852-225-4900

Non-emergency inquiries:


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