DNA Testing Guide

The petitioner/putative parent must choose an AABB Accredited Lab from the list provided at aabb.org/dna. The petitioner/putative parent must contact the lab directly, and make arrangements for conducting the genetic test, including payment for all tested parties.

If the petitioner/putative parent is currently in the United States, the DNA samples for the petitioner/putative parent must be collected at a designated AABB testing site, lab, or clinic in the United States.  If the petitioner/putative parent is currently abroad, samples may be collected as specified by the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  The U.S. laboratory is required to send a test kit for the applicant, instructions, security tape, and a prepaid DHL or Federal Express airway bill, directly to the U.S. Embassy at the address provided below:

Consular Section
US Embassy
99/100 Young and Duke Streets,
Georgetown, Guyana

On receipt of the test kit, the Embassy will send the applicant an appointment letter for DNA sample collection. The applicant must present this letter to the panel physician and pay a fee of G$2,000 for his/her sample collection. The panel physician will issue a receipt for the fees paid.  Click link for Approved Physicians.

All DNA sample collection will take place in the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy. The applicant/s must present him/herself at the Embassy on the date and time stated on the DNA appointment letter with the following:

  1. His/her passport with a photocopy of the biographic page of the passport. Please note that parents applying for a consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and/or a U.S. passport for a child born in Guyana must also present a local passport for the child.
  2. A passport size photo for each applicant.
  3. The DNA appointment letter.
  4. The receipt issued by the panel physician (located at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital), showing payment of GYD $2000.


Following the sample collection, the Embassy will return the testing kit directly to the U.S. laboratory selected by express mail and will ensure that all supporting documents requested accompany the kit.

All test results must be sent directly to the Embassy by the approved AABB laboratory.  Please be aware that we do not accept DNA results from applicants or petitioners; only results received directly from the approved AABB laboratory are acceptable. The Embassy has no objection to the applicant/petitioner receiving a copy of the results from the laboratory.

Once the Embassy receives and processes your test results, we will contact you via email or mail.

Submitting to testing does not guarantee the issuance of an immigrant visa or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.