Approved Physicians

The physician listed below is approved to conduct medical examinations and DNA sample collection (if requested) for applicants being interviewed in Georgetown, Guyana.

All immigrant visa applicants require a medical exam with the doctor listed below before the visa interview appointment.   Medical examination results from other physicians will not be accepted. It is the immigrant visa applicant’s responsibility to schedule the appointment.

Occasionally, certain non-immigrant visa applicants may require a medical evaluation.  If you require one, the Consular Officer will inform the applicant at the time of the visa interview and provide further instructions.  If required, it is the visa applicant’s responsibility to schedule the appointment with the physician listed below.

For DNA testing, the U.S. Embassy will schedule the appointment for DNA sample collection and notify the applicant of the appointment.  Click DNA Testing Instructions for a step-by-step guide of the DNA process.

Approved Physician

Dr. Arya Devi Karyampudi
St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital
132 Parade Street
Kingston, Georgetown
Tel: 592-225-4781/592-227-2796