U.S. Increases Support for Extractive Sector Transparency


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U.S. Increases Support for Extractive Sector Transparency 

USAID’s support for transparency and good governance in the extractive sector has been bolstered with an additional $500,000 grant provided for the Guyana Extractives Sector Transparency (GEST) Project. The additional funding increases the total project funding to US$1 million and extends the project’s end date to September 30, 2021.

The project provides assistance to Guyana’s Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Multi Stakeholder Group (MSG) – a group of stakeholders responsible for governance and oversight of EITI implementation, the national Secretariat and other stakeholders. As Guyana prepares for validation of the country’s compliance with EITI standards and the 2nd EITI country report, the project team is providing important technical assistance to the Secretariat, MSG and reporting organizations to streamline the validation process and collect data and other materials.

To date, the project has worked with the Secretariat to develop terms of reference for the MSG and the Secretariat, standard operating procedures and a communications and engagement strategy. The project has also provided technical assistance, training, and equipment to build the Secretariat’s capacity to support EITI implementation.

Upcoming project activities include: providing technical assistance to the MSG to improve governance of EITI; implementing the communications and engagement strategy; developing a roadmap for systematic disclosures; developing a website that publishes Guyana’s roadmap to systematic disclosure and allows easier stakeholder monitoring of country compliance; supporting civil society monitoring of EITI compliance and; addressing obstacles affecting mainstreamed disclosures.

USAID has an agreement with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) to implement the project.