U.S.-Guyana Defence Force Non-Commissioned Officer Jungle Symposium Cooperation

From June 1-3, 2022, United States Southern Command and the Guyana Defence Force co-hosted the first ever Non-Commissioned Officer Jungle Symposium in Guyana. Participants from the Guyana Defence Force, United States Southern Command Headquarters, United States Army 25th Infantry Division, United States Army South, Colombia, Brazil, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras attended the symposium, as well as Chile and Argentina virtually. U.S. Southern Command Sergeant Major Benjamin Jones and Guyana Defence Force Sergeant Major Raul Rodney led discussions and exchanges on jungle warfare and operations. Colombia National Army Sergeant Major William Cuellar Duarte also attended. The Symposium concluded with a visit to the GDF Jungle Amphibious Training School (JATS).

The goal of this symposium is to strengthen multilateral regional relationships and team building, especially at the non-commissioned officer level. Participating nations shared best practices and lessons learned on several topics taught in their respective countries’ jungle training.

This event is part of a larger endeavor by the United States to improve and expand multi-domain Jungle Operations to support security in the region.