U.S. Embassy’s Youth Action Network (YAN) Observes International Volunteer Day with School Outreach

In observance of International Volunteer Day, which was commemorated on December 5, members of the U.S Embassy’s Youth Action Network (YAN) visited four schools in Georgetown to discuss the value and benefit of volunteerism and encourage students to become agents of change in their respective communities and schools. Students attending the sessions expressed a strong desire to become engaged and make a difference in their communities.  The schools visited were Marian Academy, Charlestown Secondary School, North Georgetown Secondary School and the Tutorial High school.

The YAN is committed to raising awareness on issues affecting youth in Guyana and promoting advocacy by motivating youth to volunteer and take action to effect change.

As part of its mandate to give motivated youth an opportunity to promote their involvement in volunteerism, the YAN undertook several community service activities this year.  Some of these projects include a food and clothing initiative for the homeless in Georgetown; participating in the International Coastal Clean Up and improving the environmental conditions of three youth friendly spaces in the county of Berbice.

International Volunteer Day 2015 was observed under the theme “The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!”  International Volunteer Day is a celebration of people serving as agents of change in their communities and working towards global peace and sustainable human development.  It provides a chance for volunteer-involving organizations and individual volunteers to promote their contributions to development at local, national, and international levels.