U.S. Embassy Stands by its Assessment of Free, Fair, and Credible Electoral Process

Georgetown – The United States Embassy is in receipt of the recent allegations made by the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and has looked into the claims. Nothing contained therein changes our baseline assessment of the electoral process.

Based on our observations of the polling, counting, and tabulation process and the conclusions reached by other international observer missions, we continue to assess that the election process was free and fair. We remain confident in the Guyana Elections Commission’s ability to deliver credible results that accurately reflect the way votes were cast by the Guyanese people on May 11. We urge the Guyana Elections Commission to continue with its important tabulation work and to provide verified results at the earliest possible opportunity.

The United States Embassy understands the Guyanese people’s desire to see the final results of these elections. It is important, however, to provide the Guyana Elections Commission the time and space to conclude its work‎. We urge the people of Guyana to continue to exercise patience.

The United States Embassy calls upon all political leaders to adhere to the Political Party ‎Code of Conduct, which specifically proscribes public criticism of the Guyana Elections Commission or interference with its work. We expect all parties to respect the final results of these elections.