U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program

The U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) participated in two separate school supply and clothes donations in Linden, Region 10, and Bartica, Region 7, from January 20th to January 22nd. Donations consisted of textbooks, reading materials, teaching aids, notebooks, and various clothing items. All items were generously donated by Food For the Poor, one of the leading charity organizations providing relief to Guyana, based out of Georgetown.

In Linden, the HAP team presented Headmistress Lynette Melvin and the Watooka Day Primary School staff with various scholastic items to promote reading and mathematics skills. Approximately 600 students will benefit from the distribution. Mrs. Melvin was appreciative of the donated items, stating the need for more updated education materials to supplement the hard work from her schoolteachers. The HAP’s recent efforts in Linden support Ministry of Education Sector Plan initiatives, which seek to address the priority learning outcomes of literacy and numeracy by improving the availability of teaching and learning materials and quality of school facilities.

In Bartica, the HAP team collaborated with the Bartica Lions Club to distribute 200 pounds of clothing items to the communities of Agatash, Byderabo, and Dogg Point. Lions Club President Sonita Sawh and the members of her team were instrumental in identifying villagers most in need of clothes donations. Their efforts were recognized by the Regional Democratic Chairman, Gordon Bradford, who accompanied the Lions Club and HAP on the visits to the three communities. While addressing the residents of Byderabo, Chairman Bradford stressed the importance of volunteer efforts from within the community. Local residents expressed gratitude for the assistance and support offered by the Bartica Lions Club and U.S. Embassy HAP.

The U.S. Embassy’s Humanitarian Assistance Program, in coordination with the government of Guyana, other US agencies, and local civic organizations, provides basic humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in order to promote democratic development and regional stability and build local capacity. The Humanitarian Assistance Program represents the Embassy in providing assistance to Guyanese communities in the areas of social, economic and medical development, working to bring together multiple local and international civic organizations in a quest to reach common goals.