U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program Outreach to Corriverton and Linden

The U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP), in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) and Georgetown East Medical Team, conducted a two-day medical outreach in Fyrish, Region 6, from January 16th to 17th. Due to the outstanding efforts of the all-volunteer Medical Team led by Dr. Errol Bassoo, the outreach was able to provide free medical services to over 300 residents of Black Bush Polder, Fyrish, and New Amsterdam.

The medical outreach provided care to the residents in the form of blood sugar testing, counseling and general medicine. CIOG Representative Imam Shamir Khan of Fyrish, Corentyne, provided the space in Fyrish Masjid #1 for the Georgetown East Medical Team to set up stations for patients to receive screening, treatment, and medicine. Dr. Bassoo’s medical team of doctors, lab technicians, and pharmacists was supplemented by University of Guyana medical students from nearby communities. Imam Khan expressed his gratitude for the event, stating people in need of medical attention often could not afford to travel to Georgetown to access those services.

Medical outreach programs through the Humanitarian Assistance Program represent a core component of the U.S Embassy’s continuing commitment to work with the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Health to support enhanced public health for the people of Guyana. HAP is an initiative under the U.S. Embassy to assist Guyana’s communities, particularly in underserved regions, in the areas of social, economic and medical development. HAP works to bring together multiple local and international agencies to reach common goals.