U.S. Embassy celebrates World Tourism Day

Ambassador Lynch with Guyana Tourism Authority Director Brian Mullis, Where Next Founder & Director GreggBleakney

Under the theme “Sustainable Landscapes and Conservation Tourism” Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch hosted leaders from the tourism and hospitality industries on Thursday, October 10 in observance of World Tourism Day.  In line with the U.S. Embassy commitment to promote sustainable landscapes, Ambassador Lynch recognized the growing importance of the tourism industry’s contributions to Guyana’s future. She noted that “with Guyana’s diverse habitat, from the savannahs to the forested highlands to the low-level coastal areas, opportunities for tourism abound in Guyana.”

Guest speakers at the reception were Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Brian T. Mullis, Damian Fernandes, Executive Director of Conservation International-Guyana, and Gregg Bleakney, Founder & Director of WhereNext. Their presentations focused on the potential for supporting both economic growth and sustainable landscapes through premium conservation tourism products. Ambassador Lynch thanked the speakers for their focus “on ensuring good stewardship and preservation of Guyana’s natural wealth and beauty.”