U.S. Donates 146,250 Pfizer Vaccine Doses to Guyana

As part of President Biden’s promise to help the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Embassy is proud to announce a delivery of 146,250 Pfizer vaccine doses to Guyana on August 24.  This donation from the United States to Guyana was announced by the White House and includes approximately 14 million doses to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and CARICOM countries.  This shipment would not have been possible without the partnership of the Ministry of Health, the Caribbean Health Agency, and the Pan American Health Organization.  Ambassador Lynch said, “We are proud to make these safe and effective vaccines available to the people of Guyana.”

The United States has provided over US$1.3 million to Guyana in its fight against COVID-19 and has contributed US$4 billion in support of the COVAX delivery process that has provided 165,600 vaccines against COVID-19 in Guyana. The United States has donated and shipped over 110 million doses to over 60 countries and economies and we continue to donate more each day.  This reflects the desire of the United States to respond to all regions and lay the groundwork for increased vaccine supply and access throughout the world.

As President Biden said, “From the beginning of my presidency, we have been clear-eyed that we need to attack this virus globally as well.  This is about our responsibility – our humanitarian obligation to save as many lives as we can – and our responsibility to our values.  We’re going to help lead the world out of this pandemic, working alongside our global partners.”