U.S. Army, Guyana Defence Forces conduct training exercise

A team from the United States Army 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) are in Guyana, working alongside the Guyana Defence Force to increase readiness by integrating at the tactical and operational levels.

The 1st SFAB is a specialized unit of the U.S. Army established to advise and assist partner nations. It is renowned for its proficiency in training, advising, assisting, and enabling foreign security forces.

The exercise will involve strategic planning sessions and processes to enhance both countries’ military readiness and capabilities to respond to various security threats. Both the U.S. and Guyana’s defense forces will share expertise, tactics, and strategies – ensuring that lessons learned are mutually beneficial.

“The 1st SFAB’s rotation in Guyana shows our commitment to our regional partners,” said Maj. Gabriela S. Thompson, U.S. Army South spokesperson. “The U.S. and Guyana have a longstanding, transparent history of supporting each other in response to common security challenges and threats in the hemisphere.”

Joint readiness allows regional partners to respond to contingencies and conduct security cooperation operations to strengthen regional security and counter transnational threats.

The United States has an enduring promise and commitment to the strengthening of partnerships, training of security and defense forces, and respect for human and fundamental rights.

For more information about the 1st SFAB and their missions, please visit Security Force Assistance Brigades (army.mil)