U.S. and Guyana Partner to Strengthen Port Security

The United States, through the Department of State’s office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), kicked off a six-month program on January 24 to strengthen Guyanese port security and container control.  The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) Container Control Program, in partnership with the World Customs Organization, is implementing the program, which is aimed at weakening transnational criminal organizations and deterring the trafficking of illicit goods.

Officials from the World Customs Organization opened the program with a two-week virtual training course for members of Port Control Units, composed of members of the GPF, GRA, CANU, MARAD, and the GDF Coast Guard, providing them training in profiling, targeting, and inspecting containers.  This training will give them the skills to effectively detect suspicious and illicit goods, and make sure goods departing Guyana have been properly declared and duties paid.

UNODC’s Container Control Program works worldwide to promote legitimate trade by enhancing container screening capacities. It provides training, equipment, and access to communications data and tools from the World Customs Organization.

The program is part of the ongoing commitment by the United States to the security of Guyana and the region.