Remarks by Ambassador Theriot at USAID/Y-RIE Frontline Youth Workers Graduation

Remarks as prepared Ambassador Nicole Theriot USAID/Y-RIE Frontline Youth Workers Graduation December 12, 2023 Good morning, everyone. Honorable Minister Persaud; Members of the Diplomatic Corps Ms. Phelps Feeley, Chief of Party, USAID Youth Resilience, Inclusion, and Empowerment Program Social Service Workers, Guidance Counselors, other special guests; Members of the media It’s such a pleasure to ... Read More»

U.S. Government Strengthens Vaccine Storage in Guyana with the Handover of Solar Refrigerators

These refrigerators will provide consistent access to vital immunizations, improving equitable healthcare access, and significantly reducing the risk of preventable disease outbreaks.  This donation underscores the importance of reliable vaccine storage and will provide a significant cost savings by maintaining the viability of vaccines. Read More»

Peace Corps Guyana Hosts Swearing In Ceremony for 34th Group of Volunteers

Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Adrienne Galanek, administered the oath of service and Peace Corps pledge to the group on behalf of the Peace Corps.  Chargé Galanek remarked “I have always admired the extraordinary commitment and compassion that Peace Corps Volunteers bring to strengthening nations one community at a time.  I think that the best part—the essence ... Read More»

U.S. Health Advisors partner with Guyana’s Ministry of Health to strengthen COVID-19 response and public health supply chain

Expressing support for this initiative, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch said, “Through this strategic partnership, the United States Government, through USAID, is bolstering Guyana's capacity to combat COVID-19 and optimize public health supply chain management, contributing to the country's overall health resilience and progress toward a healthier future.  We remain a committed and resolute ... Read More»

U.S.-Guyana Collaborates with NGO to Assist Citizens in Linden

On June 5, members of the United States Embassy and the non-governmental organization, Humanity First, conducted a medical outreach for residents in Linden, Region 10. In attendance were the U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., Adrienne Galanek, the Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell, and eight medical students from the University of Maryland. In furthering its humanitarian ... Read More»

U.S. Military medical team completes successful medical mission in Guyana

The LAMAT medical mission not only directly improved the lives of many Guyanese citizens, but also strengthened the close bilateral relationship by providing vital knowledge exchanges and hands-on experience to address challenges in medical and humanitarian assistance.  Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at Opening Ceremony of LAMAT Medical Mission

Over the last several years, the United States has partnered with the Government of Guyana in a number of health areas from fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to COVID through donating equipment, supplies and  more than 350,000 COVID 19 vaccine doses. In the same spirit, LAMAT honors our ... Read More»

U.S. Military Medical Team Begins Two-Week Medical Mission in Guyana

“My team is humbled to have been invited by the Ministry of Health and U.S. Ambassador to Guyana to participate in this much needed operation,” said Lt. Col. Gentry Mobley, LAMAT Mission Commander. “It is important to the U.S. to provide whatever help we can to take care of people in need.  Our team is ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at donation of medical equipment to Region 10

Remarks as prepared Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch Donation of medical equipment to Region 10   February 3, 2023 Minister of Health, Honorable Dr. Frank Anthony, Regional Chairman, Mr. Derron Adams, Regional Health Officer, Dr. Gregory Harris, Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Dwight John, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Trevlon Braithwaite, Members of the media, Ladies and Gentlemen. Good afternoon! It ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program Provides Medical Equipment to Region 10

In the spirit of partnership and goodwill between Guyana and the United States, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, presented a donation of medical equipment and supplies to Honorable Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony on February 3, 2023, at the Linden Hospital. The medical equipment, which includes adjustable hospital beds, diagnostic equipment, and patient ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy in Guyana Commemorates the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Twentieth Anniversary

The United States is committed to supporting Guyana to strengthen its health systems and improve health outcomes. Through PEPFAR, CDC is working in partnership with the Ministry of Health to achieve HIV epidemic control in Guyana and the Caribbean region.   Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at Peace Corps Swearing In Ceremony

I have always felt such pride for the extraordinary commitment and compassion that Peace Corps Volunteers bring to strengthening nations one community at a time. I think that the very best part—the essence of why Volunteers are here—are the friendships that they develop with Community Coaches and host families, local counterparts, supervisors, and community leaders. Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at Oxygen Generator Handover Ceremony

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how vulnerable the standard supply of oxygen in a medical system could be, even in the most advanced countries. Therefore, it is vital to plan and this time, have in place an efficient, sustainable, and low-cost solution that will protect and help fellow Guyanese in case of emergencies. I'm honored ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at the World AIDS Day 2022 HIV/STI Conference

Remarks as prepared Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch World AIDS Day 2022 HIV/STI Conference  December 4, 2022 Honorable Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Health Dr. Tariq Jagnarine, Program Manager, National AIDS Program Secretariat Dr. Luis Codina, PAHO/WHO Representative Ladies and Gentlemen Good morning.  As we recently marked World AIDS Day – the 34th since its inception in ... Read More»

U.S. Donates 52,800 Pfizer Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines to Guyana

As part of the COVID-19 Global Action Plan to increase COVID-19 vaccinations around the world, end the acute phase of the pandemic and strengthen global health security, the United States is proud to announce a shipment of 52,800 Pfizer pediatric vaccines to Guyana earlier today. This brings the total number of vaccines donated to Guyana ... Read More»

Op-Ed: A Summit for All Americans

Op-Ed:  A Summit for All Americans By Brian A. Nichols, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs  Maleka Russell, a Guyanese alumna of the State Department’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, owns an organic farm in Kwakwani that had major flooding in 2021, so Maleka decided to change her business to broiler production. ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers Remarks at COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Workshop, Region 2

The United States is proud to continue our partnership with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and the Guyanese people through initiatives like this to continue to raise awareness about the pandemic, the importance of getting vaccinated for your safety and the safety of your families, and the Government of Guyana’s response to this public health ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at Launch of Guyana Cancer Society

As we work together to battle cancer, we can empower women in the process. Breast cancer accounts for 22% of the cancer cases in Guyana while cervical cancer accounts for another 16%. The good news is that screening for these types of cancer is not a difficult process. The US Embassy has participated in many ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at vehicle handover ceremony to Ministry of Health

The automobiles we’re handing over today are not specific to our COVID assistance. They are in response to requests made by the Ministry last year, to assist with access to patients. We hope that they help the government serve the people of Guyana with efficiency. The vehicles have a combined value of $71,000 USD, donated ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch Delivers Remarks at Handover Ceremony of USAID COVID-19 Tent

Through this partnership with the Ministry of Health, these ten tents will provide opportunities for rural communities to set up vaccine operations, while eliminating the need for patients to travel, and hopefully, eliminate some vaccine hesitancy.  I’m very grateful to the Minister and his leadership to encourage every Guyanese to get vaccinated, and the Ministry’s ... Read More»

USAID Launches Regional Development Cooperation Strategy

Regional Representative, USAID/ESC, Clinton D. White said, “The American people, through USAID, are partnering with the people of the Caribbean to move education, health, economic development, gender equality, climate change resilience, and prosperity forward, so they are able to have opportunities to better their lives and to promote stronger and safer communities.” Read More»

U.S. Donates 146,250 Pfizer Vaccine Doses to Guyana

As President Biden said, “From the beginning of my presidency, we have been clear-eyed that we need to attack this virus globally as well.  This is about our responsibility – our humanitarian obligation to save as many lives as we can – and our responsibility to our values.  We’re going to help lead the world ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch visits Medical Outreach in Mabaruma, Region 1

During her visit to Mabaruma on August 5, Ambassador Lynch praised the collaborative efforts of the international community, Government of Guyana and the local and U.S. based NGOs during the medical outreach. She stated, “It is always so satisfying to see global, bilateral, national, and local experiences and resources come together for the benefit of ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at Region 1 Medical Outreach

I have heard uplifting accounts of the successful medical outreaches being conducted this week across Region 1, with both Guyanese and Venezuelans securing the medical care they have needed, including members of the indigenous Warao community.  Dentists from the Cheddi Jagan Dental Center are here from Georgetown and are providing dental services to many who ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch in Observance of 245th Anniversary of U.S. Independence

As we celebrate America’s 245th birthday tonight, we are also grateful for our many partnerships around the world, just like the 55 years of bilateral relations we have with Guyana and her people. We are grateful for our shared values of promoting democracy, good governance, the rule of law, and private sector-led growth. I would ... Read More»

U.S. Continues its Support of Guyana’s Fight Against COVID-19

This support is in addition to the 62,400 vaccines that Guyana has received through the COVAX Facility, to which the U.S. is the leading donor at $4 billion USD. The Department of Defense has also donated more than $150,000 USD worth of locally procured, personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, through its Humanitarian Assistance Program.   Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at PEPFAR Joint Press Conference with Minister of Health

And so, we are thrilled to be able to provide an additional $1.5 million to support the fight against HIV in Guyana. This funding will support the Ministry of Health and civil society partners through September 2022. It is especially timely given COVID-19 and the strain it continues to place on the country’s health system. Read More»

U.S. Support for COVAX

The U.S. welcomes the good news that COVAX completed its first delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Guyana.  Global crises require global responses, and the United States is proud to have contributed $4 billion to COVAX, the largest commitment globally from a single country. This contribution builds on decades of U.S. investments in global health and global health organizations and demonstrates the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to build back better ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch visits Medical Training in Region 1

The U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Team conducted a medical training with members of the Guyanese Ministry of Health in Port Kaituma from March 23rd to 24th. The team instructed hospital personnel, teachers, local volunteers, Guyanese police officers, and members of the Guyanese Defence Force about basic trauma care, preventative medicine, women’s health, sex ... Read More»

The United States Provides Assistance to Guyana to Respond to COVID-19

The United States Government has committed an additional $1.7 million (USD) to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean. The United States, via USAID, is providing life-saving support by coordinating with the Government of Guyana, international humanitarian partners, and other stakeholders to identify priority areas for investment. ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch Swears in 32nd Group of Peace Corps Volunteers

The Peace Corps’ special ingredient in Guyana and globally is a people-to-people approach to learning, reinforcing, and building capacity at the community level.  And, 53 years later, Volunteers are still serving the people of Guyana, having lived and worked in all 10 regions of this beautiful country. Read More»

Ambassador Lynch Applauds USAID/APC on Key Accomplishments

The U.S. Government recognizes that community-based organizations are important partners in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and we commend the tireless work of the men and women who reach communities with services in order to improve and save lives.  These community organizations are key to getting prevention messages to communities, especially those most at ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch on 243rd Independence Day of the United States of America

Remarks by Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch 243rd Independence Day of the United States of America Friday, July 12, 2019 Salutations Good Evening! Kevin, Dylan and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone here this evening as we celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. First, a few ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at USAID Zika Maternal and Child Survival Program Closeout

Today, thanks to continuous and dedicated work to curb the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses, reported Zika cases have decreased. The significant decrease in cases compared to this time last year suggests that the risk of infection with Zika is minimal in Guyana. However, debate continues within the scientific community not as to IF there will ... Read More»

New Peace Corps Volunteers Arrive in Country

Thirty Peace Corps trainees arrived in country this morning, June 04, 2019 to begin their 27-months of service to the people of Guyana.  The new trainees make up the 32nd group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in Guyana since 1995; representing 19 out of the 50 United States, with ages ranging from 21 to ... Read More»

Deputy Chief of Mission Participates in World AIDS Day Awareness Walk

Honorable Minister Lawrence, Dr. Moore, Dr. Odiit, cultural program participants, diplomatic colleagues. Good morning, and thank you for inviting me to share a few words, as together we recognize World AIDS Day.  I understand today is the 30th annual World Aids Day.  Thirty years of noteworthy achievements, but much work remains to be done to ... Read More»

USAID Trains Health Workers on Zika Maternal and Child Survival

The multi-faceted project Zika Project, implemented throughout the region, supports vector control, maternal and child health, and behavior change communications.  The Zika Project is also partnering with dedicated public health specialists to improve the capacity of providers to counsel pregnant women and their partners on the risks of Zika infection to newborns.  Mass media campaigns ... Read More»

USAID Partners with Stakeholders on Malaria Prevention

The U.S. Government has provided long-standing support to the region, helping partner countries like Guyana adapt malaria prevention and response interventions to local contexts.  Working with our local stakeholders, we continue to focus on key needs, taking your strategic priorities and strengths into account, to make the best use of limited resources. Read More»

New Peace Corps Group Arrives

38 Peace Corps Trainees arrived in country this morning to begin their 27 months of service to the people of Guyana.  The new trainees make up the 31st group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in Guyana since 1995, and represent 20 out of the 50 United States, have ages ranging from 21 to 47, ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Celebrates 241st Independence Anniversary

I am normally not overly protocol conscious, nor too long, but tonight is a special night and this is the one event where I make an exception, so bear with me. His Excellency President David A. Granger and the charming First Lady Sandra Granger Ex-Presidents Donald Ramotar, Bharrat Jagdeo, and Samuel Hinds Hon. Prime Minister ... Read More»

HAP Conducts Medical Outreach in Linden

The U.S. Embassy’s Humanitarian Assistance Program joined medical professionals from Davis Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, nine dental students from Sacramento, California, and three Guyana-based dental missionaries to conduct a medical outreach program in Linden last week.  Other partners involved in making the successful outreach possible included the Linden Mayor’s Office, the Linden Hospital, the Ministry ... Read More»

New Peace Corps Trainees Arrive

Thirty-eight Peace Corps Trainees arrived in country yesterday to begin their two years of service to the people of Guyana.  The 30th group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in Guyana have begun pre-service training on the Essequibo Coast, living with local host families and learning the Guyanese way of life in the villages of ... Read More»

Remarks by Ambassador Holloway: Close Out of Supply Chain Management System Project

Working with the Ministry, the SCMS project, developed computerized systems for requesting, tracking, storing, and distributing all the Ministry of Public Health’s drugs and supplies. This system has the ability to track every product and transaction from the time the product is received at the warehouse to the time it is sent to a health ... Read More»
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