Remarks by Ambassador Lynch in honor of International Women’s Day

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
U.S. Embassy Virtual Roundtable – “Women in Leadership: We Believed We Could So We Are!”
March 8, 2021

Good afternoon and thank you for inviting me. I want to send a special greeting to all viewers of this program on the occasion of International Women’s Day. It’s also two years to the day that I arrived in Guyana, so this date has very special meaning to me. I have seen women’s organizations grow significantly during my two years in Guyana, from the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, to the Women in Oil and Gas Guyana, to Girls Inc., which are all represented on today’s panel. It’s been a thrill to see how much commitment and enthusiasm there has been behind efforts to promote equality for women and girls. I’m sorry I can’t be with you in person, but I want you to know that the United States recognizes the importance of the work you are all doing, not just for your members, but for an equal future for all Guyanese.

Women need to be at the decision making table, contributing to the development and implementation of  laws and policies that affect their lives and the lives of their families. The experiences and perspectives that women bring are different and equally important to those of men, and they deserve to have the same opportunities for leadership and prosperity. I am proud that the United States has voted a woman into the White House.  Kamala Harris has broken the glass ceiling to be the first female and woman of color serving as our Vice President.  I am sure she would credit many of the women who came before her, paving the way for her success. There are several examples of that in history, and I imagine that the panelists today would agree that it takes boldness and tenacity to be the first in anything, but it doesn’t happen without a group of champions who tried before you. It is very likely that many of our panelists have stories of women who inspired and guided them to where they are today. No one succeeds in a vacuum.

So, as you converse about the challenges and celebrate all the achievements that Guyanese women have made, know that the United States is a partner, a supporter, maybe a mentor of sorts, but most definitely an admirer of all that Guyana is, has been, and will be for the future. Happy International Women’s Day.