Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at Reception for Louisiana District Export Council Mission

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
Reception in honor of Louisiana District Export Council Mission   
November 15, 2022

Your Excellency, President Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana,
Minister Bharrat, other distinguished ministers and members of the government,
Members of the Opposition,
Members of the Chambers and the Private Sector,

My own “lean but kind and highly productive” embassy team, with special thanks to Pol/Econ Section Chief Brian Hall, Economic and Commercial Assistant Richard Leo, and South Florida U.S. Export Assistance Center Director Eduardo Torres, thank you for putting this event together.

But, most of all – I would like to extend a hearty welcome to our visitors – the “Louisiana District Export Council Trade Mission” and all the sponsors and companies from the great state of Louisiana!!

And, because a few companies from other states joined the Trade Mission, I also want to welcome all those companies from the wonderful states of Texas, Colorado, California, and Pennsylvania.

It’s my great pleasure to welcome all the participating companies and organizations from the U.S., including Jim Burrows and Tammy Maxwell from the Export Import Bank of the United States, which is deepening its work with the Government of Guyana, and with the state of Louisiana.

I would also like to recognize the lead sponsor, Jones Walker, represented by Mark Hebert and Alex Breckinridge.  And, supporting sponsors:  the Bilateral Chamber, represented by Adrian Castillo, and the South Louisiana Economic Council, represented by Cody Blanchard and Deanna LaFont.

And, finally, welcome to the International Trade Administration team from Louisiana, represented by John Henry Jackson and Erin Butler, for their amazing work in organizing this mission.

So – Welcome to America’s house in Guyana, everyone!

I hope you will all enjoy yourselves this evening as we celebrate the largest U.S. Trade Delegation ever to visit Guyana!  I have a feeling that the Louisiana group will feel especially at home because, like parts of Louisiana, this U.S. Residence is about 7 feet below sea level!

I also hope you feel at home because of some of the things that Louisiana has in common with Guyana – the diverse, coastal regions with a rich and varied culture borne of centuries of immigration; the deep connection to the energy industry and a commitment to ensuring that the energy wealth is shared among communities; and, certain products like sugar, rice and seafood.

But, most importantly, you both enjoy your Hot Sauce – Yes, there is Louisiana Hot Sauce and Guyanese Pepper Sauce – we may have to have a taste test later!

But, in all seriousness, it is an absolute pleasure to have you all here in Guyana to explore the many opportunities currently available across sectors across the entire country.  This morning, you heard from Minister Bharrat who described many of the opportunities in oil, gas and mining, but he also mentioned opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, IT, renewable energy, health, education, consulting services, tourism and hospitality.

And, as I was saying to you earlier today, with Guyana being the only English-speaking country in South America, its proximity to the U.S. and the close family ties to the U.S., there are so many reasons to invest in Guyana.  And, the Guyanese want what U.S. companies have to offer – quality, excellence, on-time and on-budget delivery of your products.

Louisiana has already been the source of some amazing U.S.-Guyana partnerships.  From Edison Chouest’s early partnership with John Fernandes Limited on maritime and port services (the first Louisiana company to come to Guyana and engage in an incredible joint venture!), to K&B’s partnership with Guysons that brings world-class machine training and investment to Guyana, or Nexxus Machine Techs partnership between U.S. and Guyanese owners, we are incredibly proud to see both creativity and results.

With Guyana being one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now, President Ali, you asked me to bring reputable U.S. firms of all sizes to Guyana.  Your Excellency, I hope you find that we have delivered.  Tonight, you will meet U.S. companies large and small, but all will deliver world class products.

So, this is a night for networking and for you all to learn about both the beauties of this wonderful “land of many waters” as well as the many exciting investment opportunities here now and those that are on the horizon.

So, enjoy the evening as we all continue to work together for a more prosperous Guyana and an ever-stronger U.S.-Guyana relationship.

Thank you!