Remarks by Ambassador Lynch at Project Jumpstart 2.0 Closing Ceremony

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
Project Jumpstart Virtual Closing Ceremony 
August 24, 2022

Thank you, Manisha. 
Program Facilitators; 
U.S. Embassy Colleagues; 
Alumni of the U.S Department of State; 
Mentors and Mentees 

Good afternoon!  

It is an honor to be with you all this afternoon for the closing ceremony of this virtual career mentorship program “Project Jumpstart 2.0 – Boosting Careers, Realizing Goals,” and to be in the company of such outstanding young Guyanese from across Guyana. You made a conscious decision to be part of this program to equip yourselves with the needed tools and resources to make wise decisions to jumpstart your careers. 

I am particularly pleased to see this program operating for a second year and I must commend our alumni of the 2018 Youth Ambassadors cohort for their vision and leadership to make it happen. As young people yourselves, you recognized the need for such a timely and essential program to empower your peers by providing learning opportunities that will contribute towards the development of Guyana.  

As mentees, I hope the opportunity to engage with established professionals in your desired field of work has made you better positioned to contribute to a dynamic, skilled, and professional workforce. I encourage each of you to turn your knowledge into action as you navigate your career paths, and to share useful insights with others as well. When faced with a tough decision, reflect on the guidance your mentors and facilitators shared.  And, find others to mentor – maybe  a younger student, a new colleague, or a friend. 

Developing young leaders is integral to Guyana’s development and success.  In the United States, we are proud of our culture of mentorship and I am pleased that many of the U.S. businesses operating here in Guyana are also investing in their people by offering world-class training, mentorship, and professional development.   

 The United States is committed to supporting youth empowerment through meaningful participation of youth within their communities, enhancing their skills and providing opportunities so that young people can build on their collective leadership and contribute to a secure and more prosperous Guyana. 

 With close to one hundred and fifty participants, the success of this program would not have been possible without the dedication and desire to help someone reach their full potential from seventy remarkable professionals who volunteered to be mentors.  Thank you to our alumni, Embassy colleagues, partners and friends who volunteered so much of their time to this program.   

 To the dynamic team of facilitators, Lyndell Danzie – Black, Keon Smith, Ryan Hoppie, Elsie Harry, Sara Bharrat, and Christell Chesney, I extend our profound gratitude for the impactful sessions you delivered and your support to this program as we work together to enhance the lives of young people in Guyana.  

And to the organizers of Project Jumpstart; Rawletta Barrow, Manisha Singh, Raquel Meenkum (pronounced MEAN-come), Naomi Marshall, Daniel Narsaiah, (pronounced nar-SIGH-ah) Ruth Waddell and Andrè Ramaldo (pronounced ruh-mahl-DOH), thank you for all you do.  Please know that the U.S. Embassy is cheering for your continued success. 

Congratulations to all the participants and I look forward to hearing of your personal and professional accomplishments as you continue to navigate your career paths.  

Thank you very much.