Remarks by Ambassador Holloway at CX Guyana 2017 Familiarization Tour

Remarks by Ambassador Holloway at Guyana Office for Investment and Nearshore Americas CX Guyana 2017: Discovery and Familiarization Tour ( As Prepared)


Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin

Minister of Public Telecommunications Cathy Hughes

Chief Executive Office of the Guyana Officer for Investment Owen Verwey

Representative from Nearshore Americas Kirk Laughlin

Members of the Private Sector

Distinguished Guests

Thank you to the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) for the invitation to join the Ministry of Business and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications in welcoming you to Guyana.

For over 50 years, the United States has enjoyed a prosperous history of cooperation with Guyana.  Together, we have shared in the success of bilateral trade and industry, thanks in large part to the partnerships forged between U.S. and Guyanese businesses through the years.  Your presence and interest in Guyana today adds another layer to the rich relationship between our two countries.

I always underscore that  a wealth of developing and new industries – from petroleum to a liberalizing telecommunications sector – and a comparative advantage enjoyed by few countries in the region, with a high literacy rate, a cultural familiarity with the United States, and English as a common language, makes this the right time to invest in Guyana.  As you consider joining Guyana’s services sector, take to heart the commitment the government maintains towards attracting investment, improving the ease of doing business in country, and supporting the private sector as partners in Guyana’s shared prosperity.  A prime example of this is reflected by the list of organizations hosting today’s event, which pull from both the government and Guyana’s private sector.

I am sure you will learn much during today’s roundtable discussion about what opportunities currently exist and how you can generate win-win partnerships that can support the economic growth of both our countries.  I am optimistic that you will enjoy your time in Guyana, taking in, during your short stay, a wealth of information and the warm hospitality of this beautiful country and its people as inspiration to return soon.

Finally, though I know your time in Guyana is short, I invite you to remember that the U.S. Embassy is available to you as a resource.  I hope that if you return to Guyana, you will consider meeting with our Economic and Commercial Section to discuss your plans and goals in Guyana.  The team stands ready to provide advocacy support for your next project, or brief you on the economic landscape of doing business in Guyana as a U.S. company.

Once again, welcome, and thank you for letting me join you this morning. I wish you a productive and enjoyable visit.

Thank you.