After the Polls: A Time for Patience

The U.S. Embassy congratulates the Guyanese people on the democratic process that we observed in yesterday’s elections. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm with which Guyanese voters participated in the electoral process which will ultimately choose their next government.

The Guyana Elections Commission has once again done a credible job in ensuring that this critical election day phase of the process was free and fair. It dealt effectively with the challenges posed by high voter turnout and community exuberance in a manner that has ensured the integrity of the vote. We would like to congratulate Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally, Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, and the Commissioners and staff of the Guyana Elections Commission for their successful organization of these polls.

The Guyana Elections Commission is now faced with the equally complex task of tallying the results of yesterday’s vote.  This process is certain to take some time, but we are confident that it will be done accurately and in accordance with Guyanese law. As we all await the final announcement of results, the U.S. Embassy urges all Guyanese to remain patient and to avoid any actions that could provoke conflict or violence. It is our hope that political leaders on all sides will remain proactively engaged with their respective supporters in order to promote calm and reconciliation.  When the final tally is known, we call on all political parties to accept the ultimate results, to encourage their supporters to do the same, and to resolve any outstanding disputes through the established judicial process.