Fraudulent COVID-19 Testing Sites

Location: Georgetown, Guyana 

Event: The Embassy has received reports of COVID-19 testing scams and fraudulent COVID-19 test results attributed to non-government-sanctioned facilitators. These facilitators may claim to be medical professionals. Presenting a fraudulent test result at the airport when departing Guyana could result in travel delays, fines, and/or imprisonment, even when the traveler is unaware that their test results are not genuine. Guyanese authorities have arrested U.S. citizens for presenting test results from unauthorized facilities. 

Actions to Take: All travelers, including U.S. citizens, should obtain a COVID-19 test only at a government-sanctioned clinic or service, especially when doing so for the purpose of traveling outside of Guyana. The Embassy maintains a list of authorized testing facilities on the Embassy COVID-19 website. See the CDC Travel to and from the United States page to view information on COVID-19 testing requirements for travel into the United States. Travelers can visit Guyana’s Ministry of Health Facebook page for more up to date information.