Food For The Poor Handover Ceremony

I am honored to be here today.  My colleague and friend Bryan Hunt came here nearly two years ago on a similar occasion to recognize the accomplishments of Food for the Poor in Guyana and their local partners.  Then, it was to celebrate the commission of a five-acre farm, hand over tillers and agricultural tools, donate bicycles, and mark the installation of 400 solar panels in an area where there previously was no electricity.  Today it is to celebrate completion of three (3) houses in the Rose Hall Town/ Port Mourant Area for families in need.

The common denominators at both events are the incredible support and resolute determination of Alex Foster, and the consistent generosity of Food For The Poor in Guyana.  This amazing organization began working in Guyana on June 3, 1991, when Leon Davis and a personal assistant began delivering food and other basic items to Guyana’s poor.  It is more than 25 years later, and the South Florida-based nonprofit has expanded its services in Guyana to meet the growing needs of the country’s impoverished residents. It is now one of the leading organizations providing relief to the people of Guyana.

On behalf of Ambassador Holloway and all of us at the United States Embassy in Georgetown, I congratulate you on your sustained  efforts to make living condition better for the wonderful people of Guyana.  You prove that with commitment, dedication, and perseverance that you can not only build houses, but homes and communities where people can grow and live with dignity and respect.

Thanks to Food For The Poor, more than 3,000 housing units have been built for the poor in Guyana and 900 computer workstations have been donated to community centers, schools and other teaching institutions.  This is truly remarkable and speaks to generous spirit that exists in all of us.  We can and should do more to help our fellow citizens and Food for the Poor leads by example.

The great American poet Maya Angelou once said, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”   Indeed today, we are all blessed.