Political/Economic Section

The Political/Economic (Pol/Econ) section’s principal mission is to advance U.S. policies and interests in Guyana to strengthen U.S. – Guyana bilateral relationship, promote strong democratic institutions and good governance, expand economic prosperity and regional security, and encourage bilateral and regional cooperation in issues of mutual interest.  The Pol/Econ section also engages with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which is headquartered in Guyana.

To achieve these goals, the Section’s responsibilities include:

  • Advising the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission on key political, economic, commercial, and security developments that shape mission engagement with Guyana and CARICOM.
  • Promoting key policy objectives with local government, businesses, civil society, and regional organizations, such as CARICOM.
  • Reporting on Guyana’s experience battling trafficking in persons, promoting respect for human rights, and working to eradicate child labor.
  • Monitoring issues relating to agriculture, energy, finance, intellectual property rights, transportation, telecommunications and environment, science and technology, and health, and establishing an economic environment of interest to international.
  • Advocating for U.S. economic and commercial interests, in collaboration with other agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Commerce, and supporting efforts to improve the U.S. – Guyana economic and trade relationship.


We work with the Government of Guyana and civil society, particularly the private sector, to encourage trade and economic growth for both the United States and Guyana.

Key Issues

  • Promote transparency in Guyana’s extractives industries.
  • Build capacity to encourage good governance of oil and gas resources to achieve an energy secure future.
  • Analyze topics related to telecommunications, the environment, science, technology, health, agriculture, and the financial sector.
  • Report on Guyana’s economic and business climate to increase investment and trade opportunities with the United States.

We work with the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., and with the Commercial Service Caribbean Regional Office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to help promote U.S. business interests.  We offer limited services, including commercial advocacy, market briefings, and trade promotion through attendance at International Buyer Program (IBP) trade shows.

Key Issues

  • Help U.S. firms identify and participate in private and public sector projects in Guyana.
  • Coordinate local trade delegations to attend International Buyer Program (IBP) trade shows that showcase U.S. products and services.
  • Engage and build contacts with U.S.-affiliated companies in Guyana and, when appropriate, assist in efforts to promote U.S. imports.

We seek to strengthen democratic institutions and principles to promote good governance. We also work with civil society, political institutions, and traditionally vulnerable groups to nurture a stable and peaceful political environment that promotes inclusivity in Guyana’s democratic processes.

Key Issues

  • Promote social cohesion.
  • Combat human trafficking and expand protections for vulnerable communities.
  • Promote respect for human rights, including labor rights and the eradication of child labor.

We coordinate the efforts of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) in Guyana to provide assistance in three programmatic areas:  (1) Law Enforcement Professionalization, (2) Counternarcotics, and (3) Rule of Law/Human Rights.  INL Guyana programming is closely coordinated with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Legal Affairs, and the Ministry of Education.  INL’s goals focus on building Guyana’s capacity to fight crime on all levels; strengthening the legal framework for investigating and prosecuting crimes; and supporting Guyana in its efforts to modernize it police force.

Key Issues

  • Promote the professionalism and accountability of the Guyanese law enforcement agencies
  • Strengthen maritime port security through the Container Control Program.
  • Support Guyana’s efforts to stem the flow of narcotics through Guyana through training and other support for the Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit.
  • Strengthen the criminal justice system through a grant aimed at justice reform.