Youth Action Network

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Vision and Mission

To cultivate and promote a confident, capable, and vigorous next generation of Guyanese leadership through training development activities and networking opportunities to Guyanese youths to enhance their leadership skills, professionalism, advocacy skills and social awareness.


The U.S. Embassy in Georgetown has been very successful in reaching young people through youth-based programs and via social media.  The Youth Action Network was officially launched July 20, 2013 through its first event – a Conference on Service and Leadership under the theme:  “Ready to Serve, Ready to Lead.”  This was the first of many opportunities for Guyanese Youth Action Network Members to participate in networking and training to enhance their leadership skills, professionalism, and implementation of community service and development activities.

Volunteers at Work

Over 50 percent of Guyana’s population is under the age of 25.  The U.S. Embassy’s Youth Action Network engages this important, yet untapped, segment of Guyana’s population.  The YAN brings together approximately 30 young Guyanese from all over the country representing diverse religions, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds to share their opinions and ideas about Guyana and its future.  This group of youths are exceptionally motivated to address the needs and challenges of the country’s young people.  Many have already demonstrated their passion to give back to society through distinct youth outreach activities, some with support from the Embassy.

The Network also serves to facilitate the Embassy’s interaction with young Guyanese leaders to better understand the unique perspective of Guyana’s young people and discuss ways to address the needs and challenges they face.  The YAN helps us to cultivate and promote a confident, capable, and healthy next generation of Guyanese leadership, particularly one that identifies closely with the United States.

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