Beware of Tender Scam

WARNING  – The U.S. Embassy has been made aware of an ongoing tender scam fraudulently using the Embassy’s name and logos to target businesses for the provision of solar generators and equipment.  If your business receives a tender request from a  “Ronnel Fisher, Tender Section of the Embassy of the United States”  from the following email addresses: or or, please DO NOT ACT on this request and notify us immediately via email at:

U.S. Government procurement procedures follow strict regulations outlined in the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). If you receive an email from any company or individual claiming to represent U.S. Embassy Georgetown, be cautious. If you get an e-mail from a company or individual asking you to contact them and pay them money, be cautious. These messages are not from the Federal Government.  There is NO FEE to register for publicly advertised tenders by U.S. Embassy Georgetown.