Ask the Consul – March 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the status of Immigrant Visa Processing at the U.S. Embassy?

A: The rescission of Presidential Proclamation 10014 allows us to process all categories of immigrant visas; however, our operations continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, we are still operating at a reduced capacity to provide routine visa services, so wait times for appointments will continue to be significantly longer than pre-pandemic levels. Immigrant visa applicants who have not yet been interviewed or scheduled for an interview will have their applications processed according to our existing phased resumption of visa services framework.

Q: What if my case was delayed by the Presidential Proclamation?

A: Applicants whose cases were previously sent to Embassy Georgetown but could not be processed due to the now rescinded Presidential Proclamation will receive instructions to self-schedule new appointments online through their registered accounts at Applicants should ensure their cases are registered so that they can receive these instructions.

Due to the backlog of cases pending at the Embassy, and our current reduced processing capacity, it may take months before you receive scheduling instructions. Applicants will receive appointment notices or scheduling instructions once their case gets to the head of the scheduling queue.

Q: What if my application was refused?

A: Immigrant visa applicants whose petitions remain valid and who were previously interviewed but refused visas SOLELY due to P.P. 10014 will receive an email advising when they may appear for visa issuance. This applies only to applicants whose cases were fully qualified but were placed into suspense because of the Proclamation. This does not apply if you were refused under Section 221G for additional documents.

Immigrant visa applicants whose cases are pending additional documents must upload those documents at (if previously instructed to do so) and then schedule a follow-up appointment online through their registered account as appointments become available. Appointments are limited so you must keep monitoring the scheduling calendar through your account at IMPORTANT: Medical Reports are valid for 6 months and Police Certificates for 1 year. In addition to the documents requested at the end of your initial interview, you will need to bring updated versions of the medical and police clearances, if those documents are now expired.

Q: What if my case is still at the National Visa Center (NVC)?

A: Once we complete processing of the eligible applicants whose appointments were cancelled as a result of the now rescinded Presidential Proclamation, we will begin to receive additional cases from NVC. If your case is still at NVC, please DO NOT contact the Embassy for an appointment. You must wait for notification from NVC.

Q: What about Diversity Visas?

A: More information on Diversity Visas is available here: 

Q: Will my case move faster if I pay a third party?

A: DO NOT pay any visa processing fees to third parties. There is no additional fee to make an appointment. Visa processing fees are paid to NVC (Immigrant Visas), Scotiabank Guyana (NIV & Fiancé Visas) or in limited cases, directly to the Embassy’s cashier. Please e-mail us at if you are asked to pay any extra fees for an appointment.

Q: Is the embassy currently taking applicants for Non-Immigrant Visas?

A: Appointments for most categories of routine non-immigrant visas, including visitor visas for vacation travel (B1/B2), have been suspended until further notice. If your appointment was previously cancelled, there is no fee to reschedule that appointment and the validity of visa application fees has been extended to Sep 30, 2022. For questions about rescheduling, please call our Visa Information Center at 1-877-246-6788 (local) or 703-988-5765 (U.S). If you have an urgent need to travel, follow the procedure to request an expedited appointment at

Q: What specific categories of Non-Immigrant Visas are being processed?

A: We are providing appointments for the following categories of non- immigrant visas:

• Students (F-1, M-1, and certain J-1)

• C-1/D Crew Visas

• Work visas for frontline medical personnel assisting with COVID-19 response in the United States

• B1/B2 travelers with urgent medical or business travel

• Diplomatic/Official Visas

“Ask the Consul” is a monthly column from the U.S. Embassy answering questions about U.S. immigration law and visa issues. Detailed information about visas and travel can be viewed at, and Applicants are strongly encouraged to prepare their own documents and avoid third-party advice. U.S. Consular rules change frequently, and non-US government advisors often provide inadequate or inaccurate information. Please contact our Visa Information Service Center on toll free numbers: 1-877-246-6788 or 703-988-5765 if you have general visa questions.