Ask the Consul – July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Will my case move faster if I pay a third party?
A: DO NOT pay any visa processing fees to third parties.  There is no additional fee to make an appointment.  Visa processing fees are paid to NVC (Immigrant Visas), Scotiabank Guyana (NIV & Fiancé Visas) or in limited cases, directly to the Embassy’s cashier.  Please e-mail us at if you are asked to pay any extra fees for an appointment.

Q: Is there any fee for expediting an appointment?
A: No.  THERE IS NO FEE FOR EXPEDITING AN APPOINMENT. DO NOT pay any fees for expediting an appointment.

Q: Due to a lack of flight availability, I was unable to travel to Guyana for my immigrant visa interview. How do I request a new appointment?
A: Applicants who missed their appointments will be able to use the “Missed My Appointment” option in their account at to request a new appointment. Once approved, you will be able to schedule a new appointment online. DO NOT TRAVEL TO GUYANA WITHOUT A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.

Q: I have an appointment scheduled but cannot find an available flight to make it to the interview in time. What should I do to reschedule? 
A: You must wait until after the original interview date to  reschedule an appointment at  Click the “Missed My Appointment” link in the account to request a new appointment. Once approved, you will be able to schedule a new date that works for you.  A reminder- you will not be able to reschedule an appointment before your current appointment date has passed.

Q: My case/petition is still at NVC. When will I get an appointment? 
A: We are processing applicants whose appointments were cancelled due to COVID-19, or because processing was suspended under a now rescinded Presidential Proclamation.  We are also receiving a small number of additional cases from NVC, including fiancé visa cases. If your case or petition is still at NVC, please DO NOT contact the Embassy for an appointment. You must wait for notification from NVC. 

Q: My case is at NVC. Is it possible to request an expedited appointment for my immigrant visa interview? 
A: To request a review for expedite, please submit the request and any supporting documents directly to NVC using their Public Inquiry Form. NVC will inform you of the decision. Please DO NOT send those requests to Please note that you must have a compelling reason, such as a medical emergency, to be considered.

Q: I live outside of Guyana. Can I fly to Guyana and then request an appointment for my immigrant visa?
A: We DO NOT recommend travelling to Guyana without a scheduled appointment.  We strive to be fair and process cases in the order in which they became qualified.   If you choose to travel without an appointment, you will need to be prepared financially for the possibility you could be in Guyana for several months waiting until your case is scheduled.  Traveling to Guyana will not automatically get you to the front of the line.

Q: What about Non-Immigrant Visa Fees?
A: The U.S. Embassy understands that many visa applicants have paid the visa application processing fee and are still waiting to schedule a visa appointment. We are working diligently to restore all routine visa operations as quickly and safely as possible. In the meantime, rest assured that the Embassy will extend the validity of your payment (known as the MRV fee) until September 30, 2022, to allow all applicants who were unable to schedule a visa appointment as a result of the suspension of routine consular operations an opportunity to schedule and/or attend a visa appointment with the already paid fee. Please continue to monitor this site for information on when we will return to routine visa operations. See the MRV Fee Validity Extended Notice at

Q:  Should I hire a visa consultant to help me through the nonimmigrant visa process?
A: The U.S. Embassy does not endorse or recommend any third-party consultants, agents, advisors, etc. Additionally, there are no internet cafes officially endorsed or recommended by the U.S. Embassy. The best way to ensure that your application is accurate and complete is to fill out the application yourself.  All the information and forms you need to apply for a visa are available on the Embassy’s website free of charge.

“Ask the Consul” is a monthly column from the U.S. Embassy answering questions about U.S. immigration law and visa issues.  Detailed information about visas and travel can be viewed at and Applicants are strongly encouraged to prepare their own documents and avoid third-party advice.  U.S. Consular rules change frequently, and non-US government advisors often provide inadequate or inaccurate information.  Please contact our Visa Information Service Center on toll free numbers: 1-877-246-6788 or 703-988-5765 if you have general visa questions.