American Citizen Passport Execution Fee Increase Goes Into Effect April 2

U.S. Passport Book

Some American citizens will see a fee increase the next time they apply for their American passports. The change will go into effect worldwide on April 2, 2018.

The “passport execution” fee will increase $10, from $25 to the new fee of $35. The new $35 fee is applicable to all first-time passport applicants and certain other applicants who must apply in person, such as minors under the age of 16. American citizens who apply for a passport renewal by mail will not see a fee increase.

There are no other changes to fees for consular services at this time. Further information is available at the Embassy’s website,, and on the Bureau of Consular Affairs website, To make an appointment to renew their passport in Georgetown, American citizens should contact the Consular Section via the Embassy’s website


The Department of State generally sets consular fees at an amount calculated to achieve recovery of the costs to the U.S. government of providing the consular service. The Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs determines the cost of each service through a Cost of Service Model. The most recently approved update to the Cost of Service Model showed that the costs associated with passport execution were higher than the current fee of $25, and were close to $35. The Department seeks to recover for the U.S. government, as far as possible, the cost of providing consular services through the collection of consular fees.