Ambassador Theriot delivers remarks at reception in honor of Bilateral Chamber Trade Mission

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Nicole Theriot
Bilateral Chamber Trade Mission    
November 15, 2023

Good night.

It is a pleasure to join you all this evening. I’d like to recognize His Excellency, President Ali, Vice President Jagdeo, Ministers and Officials of the Government of Guyana, as well as members of the private sector and civil society. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you, Aida, the Bilateral Chamber, AmCham, mission sponsors and delegates, for your kind invitation to join you as we celebrate this impressive trade mission.

As I look towards the future, I am excited at the prospect of receiving numerous trade delegations from the U.S., but I must say, I am incredibly happy that the first trade mission to visit Guyana during my time as Ambassador brings companies and connections from my home of southern Louisiana.

The relationship between the United States and Guyana has never been stronger or deeper.  We are proud to work together on so many things from championing democracy, promoting regional stability, and moving towards sustainable growth with lower carbon footprints. We also are deepening our bilateral trade and investment relationship greatly, and this mission is a clear example of those efforts.

It’s no secret that people like to do business with others whom they like and trust.  By returning to Guyana, this Bilateral Chamber mission is a testament to not only our warm ties, but to our dedication to this relationship.  Showing up matters, and this is precisely what you have done, yet again!

What also matters is recognizing the strength that comes through our diversity.  Both the United States and Guyana have rich and diverse cultures.  In fact, for those of you who may have arrived in Guyana over the weekend, I hope you were able to enjoy Diwali.  Known as the festival of lights, many faithful hold to the promise of prosperity and good fortune… so, perhaps this mission came at the perfect time!

What’s more is the strength that we realize with having more women lead companies and organizations in our two countries, so I’m pleased to see many of my fellow women leaders here tonight.

A final note on this point is that the diversity of this delegation is also impressive.  Supporting the growth of the energy sector is incredibly important, and we’re fully committed to doing so, but we know that it doesn’t stop there. Providing solutions in education, food and agriculture, healthcare, logistics and more are just some of the areas in which this delegation and our embassy are focused.

The need to promote energy and food security is only becoming more evident each day. As we face a world in transition and challenged by conflicts, Guyana is well-placed to partner with United States to help feed and fuel the world.

Even as we face these challenges, I remain doggedly optimistic about the future of Guyana, the future of the United States, and the future of our partnership.

One reason that I’m optimistic is that I see the collaboration that Bilateral Chamber has with many key partners in Guyana.  I know that the chamber has a strong relationship with different business groups in Guyana, and I’m thrilled to witness a new MOU with the American Chamber of Commerce tonight that will undoubtedly make a great impact for our companies.

In both countries, we view the private sector as the engine of change and growth, so its companies and organizations like yours who are a part of the solution!

This mission is just the start for many and a continuation for others in Guyana.  I commend you for coming on this mission to explore opportunities and seek partnerships.

Please know that our embassy stands ready to assist and we want to hear of your success so that we can celebrate with you.  Best wishes on your ventures and we look forward to welcoming you back to the “Land of Many Waters”.

Thank You.