Ambassador Lynch visits Medical Training in Region 1

The U.S. Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Team conducted a medical training with members of the Guyanese Ministry of Health in Port Kaituma from March 23rd to 24th. The team instructed hospital personnel, teachers, local volunteers, Guyanese police officers, and members of the Guyanese Defence Force about basic trauma care, preventative medicine, women’s health, sex education, and veterinary medicine.

The instructors were medical professionals from the Global Medical and Surgical Support Group Corps, one medical specialist from the U.S. HAP team, one U.S. veterinarian specialist, and one preventative medicine specialist. Along with training, the team made assessments for future US-interagency deliveries of medical supplies for those areas in need.

In her remarks, Ambassador Lynch praised the community participation and cooperation that made the largest medical training of the HAP team possible, in Port Kaituma. “The continued partnership between the U.S. Embassy and Guyana is critical, in order to address alongside the people of Region 1, community needs in health, security, and prosperity. The United States is honored to work with the people of Region 1, hand in hand, with a goal of prosperity for all.” said the Ambassador.