Ambassador Lynch Remarks at CIOG Orphan and Vulnerable Children Fun Day

Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at CIOG annual fun day for vulnerable children.

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch
Central Islamic Organization of Guyana Orphan and Vulnerable Children Fun Day
November 23, 2019, 10:00 AM
Muslim Youth Organization

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for having me here today. I won’t be long, because I know you have a lot of fun activities to get to, but I did want to express my thanks to the organizers of this terrific event, the Central Islamic Organization, including the Director of Education and Dawah, Mr. Shaykh Moeenul Hack. I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank the General Manager of CIOG, Ms. Shameena Haniff-Najab, who is also an alumna of our International Visitor’s Leadership Program in the United States.

I understand that CIOG has run an Orphans and Vulnerable Children Sponsorship program since 1993, and that this year alone, over 400 children have benefited from this program. They receive a monthly stipend, school uniforms, textbooks, medical examinations, and financial assistance for extra lessons and exam fees. Of course, the impact is obvious, with the number of children here today who report having excelled at their recent NGSA and CSEC exams. I also understand that there are several sponsors here today who make this achievement possible, through your generous support.

This is my first holiday season in Guyana, and I can already tell you I am very impressed by the generosity I have witnessed. We had a thanksgiving celebration last week at my home, where we had representatives from CIOG, and we had a wonderful time, all sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce. This coming Thursday is the actual date for the Thanksgiving holiday, which officially kicks off the “season of giving” in the United States. It’s when we give thanks for the blessings we have and then extend those blessings to others through gifts, both to family members and to others through charitable organizations, donations of time, and public service.

With that, I will end and let the festivities continue. Congratulations to all the students, and thanks again to all the sponsors who make the program possible!