Ambassador Lynch Remarks at AMCHAM Guyana Recognition Gala

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch
AMCHAM Guyana Recognition Gala
December 12, 2019, 7:00 PM
Marriott Hotel 

Thank you, Zulfikar Ally for the introduction.
Members of the Chamber–
Ladies and Gentlemen –

 I am honored to speak with you this evening to recognize the important work that the American Chamber has done here in Guyana. In only just over one year! The values it embodies, the assistance it provides to new businesses, and its explosive growth of membership, from 16 when they started, to over 70 today, is all very impressive.

I want to especially thank the president, Mr. Zulfikar Ally, for leading the organization through its first stage of development. Starting a new organization isn’t easy, and the numbers show that AmCham is a leader in the business community. I congratulate you for tonight’s event, and for all the leadership you have shown to shape the brand that is AmCham.

So what have been the accomplishments? I will just name a few, since I heard there is some wonderful food and entertainment waiting for us. First of all, to have the name America in your title has certain advantages, and if I may say, responsibilities. You need to represent what is best about America, in both how you do business, and also how you live in your community. American values, like Guyanese values, include the power of giving to make communities better. I think the best representation of this was just a couple of weeks ago at my home, AmCham sponsored a thanksgiving luncheon for over 100 seniors from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the sponsors for that luncheon are here this evening. I never saw so many octogenarians, and even older, dance, laugh, and have so much fun, that I was frankly exhausted by the end. It was truly a magical event, that I hope we continue.

On the business side, I know that AmCham has helped its members find office space, get registered, and find employees. All of this practical assistance is needed for new and growing businesses. I also know that networking events have been organized, as well as collaborative meetings with other private sector organizations and government officials. Advocacy for the private sector and its members is a huge part of the value that AmCham brings.

And finally, no one can argue with numbers. The membership when AmCham started about 18 months ago was 16. Today, it’s close to 80. That is truly a remarkable achievement, and a testament to the desire for bilateral trade with the United States, which of course I welcome. The Embassy continues to be committed to the growth of trade between our two countries, and AmCham is a critical part of that.

Thank you, and let’s celebrate the future of Amcham!