Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at Press Conference on Medical Outreach in Region 1

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
Press Conference of Medical Outreach in Region 1
July 28, 2021

Honorable Minister of Health, Frank Anthony,
Ravin Singh, Representative of the Office of the First Lady,
Other Distinguished Speaker and Guests,
Members of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Good afternoon.

I’m very excited to speak with you today about the medical outreach that will be taking place next week in Region 1 in Port Kaituma and Mabaruma, as well as the training and support that will be provided to medical personnel here in Georgetown at the Georgetown Public Hospital.  And, I’d like to offer a special thanks to Shayk Moeen Ul-Huck and the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) for hosting today’s gathering and inviting me to speak on behalf of the U.S. Government.  I would also like to thank members of my own team, the U.S. Embassy Civil Affairs Team, for facilitating medical outreach and bringing together so many different organizations to provide medical training and greatly-needed health services to the people of Guyana.  In my time here, I have had the pleasure of supporting many of their events and, I can say from first-hand experience, these teams have done a tremendous job to support those in need, especially in under-served regions.

The upcoming medical outreach event in Region 1 underscores the U.S. Embassy’s initiatives to support Guyana in the areas of improved Governance, enhanced Security, and Prosperity for all.

As such in cooperation with the Government of Guyana a US-based NGO, called the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group, will provide eight (8) medical personnel to Georgetown Public Hospital and nine (9) medical personnel to outreach activities in Region 1. These medical professionals will include nurses, physicians, OBGYNs, an anesthesiologist, and medical trainers, who are all excited to share their knowledge and skills.  The outreach will provide critical medical services and training in several areas of concern, including women’s health, basic trauma care, and preventative medicine.

My thanks to the wonderful community of NGOs and International Organizations that are collaborating on these important humanitarian assistance efforts in Guyana.  It is always so satisfying to see global, bilateral, national, and local experiences and resources come together for the benefit of those most in need, and the U. S. Embassy is proud to support these efforts.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to you today.