Ambassador Lynch delivers Remarks at Ruimveldt Children Home and Care Center Fundraiser

Ambassador Lynch at the Ruimveldt Children's Home and Care Center Fundraiser

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch
RuImveldt Children’s Home and Care Center Fundraiser
November 29, 2019, 7:00 PM
Parc Rayne Event Center 

Good evening everyone!

Thank you so much for having me here this evening. I am honored to speak on behalf of the hundreds of children who have benefitted from this home and the generosity of the sponsors here tonight.  Thank you again.

I understand that the Ruimveldt Home has been open since 2006, providing 24-hour care for up to 20 vulnerable children at a time. It’s quite an achievement, and it speaks to the Guyanese value of taking care of each other and those less fortunate.

Your success in taking care of Guyana’s most vulnerable, and your strong partnerships which are represented in this room are key factors that have led to your newest project, and the reason we are here tonight, Project Hope. Project Hope is a project to build a home for children 11 years and younger to cater to their unique needs as vulnerable children. The new home will provide around-the-clock care for these children, and referrals will come from the Child Protection Agency of the Ministry of Social Protection, a natural partnership.

The new home will be a modern home to care for these young children and while it falls within the context of institutional care, the vision is to create a ‘real home’ environment and atmosphere for these children to bring out their best and turn their misfortune into the aspiration to be ‘champions for tomorrow’.  Older children above 12 years of age will remain at the existing location, allowing them more privacy and space as they cope with the challenges of being teens and young adults.

Speaking of young adults, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to our young adults from the U.S. Embassy Youth Action Network, who have donated tens of hours of their time and talent to help the home.  From monthly visits where they help the children with homework, to bake sales to raise money for projects, to Christmas parties, and dental clinics, these young Guyanese truly embody the spirit of community and the spirit of giving.

So, this is my first holiday season in Guyana, and I can already tell you I am very impressed by the generosity I have witnessed here. Yesterday was the Thanksgiving holiday, which officially kicked off the “season of giving” in the United States when we give thanks for our families, friends, and communities, and extend our commitment to the common good to others through gifts to family members and donations of time and money to charitable organizations. It is so wonderful to see this same “season of giving” come alive in Guyana, too.

With that, I will end and let the festivities continue. Congratulations to all the staff at Ruimveldt Home, and thanks again to all the sponsors who make the program possible!

Merry Christmas!