Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at Reception in honor of Enterprise Florida

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
Reception in honor of Enterprise Florida 
Chief of Mission Residence 
March 29, 2023

Honorable Brigadier Mark A. Philips (Ret), Prime Minister of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana,
Honorable Ministers of Government,
Honorable Members of the Opposition,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Members of the Private Sector and Civil Society,
Members of Enterprise Florida’s Trade Delegation from the Great State of Florida,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening!

And welcome to tonight’s reception in honor of the Enterprise Florida trade delegation to Guyana!  We are SO excited to have such a diverse range of companies represented here tonight. And, although this is the first visit to Guyana for many of you, I doubt there are any Guyanese here tonight who have NOT been to Florida!

I would like to thank tonight’s sponsor, the law firm of Holland & Knight, notably represented tonight by a proud Guyanese-American, Ms. Kelly-Ann Cartwright.

I would also like to thank Alejandra Henao from Enterprise Florida for her work organizing this landmark trade delegation from the beautiful state of Florida, a key partner for Guyana.

Thank you to our local partner, the Center for Local Business Development, and especially the always wonderful Natasha Gaskin-Peters and Nicola Balram for your roles in making this delegation a success.  And, of course I thank my own team: Richard, Thomas, and Brian who you all now know, I believe.

Team Florida – I want to again welcome you to Guyana!  And, I want to welcome you to America’s Home in Guyana!

We had a wonderful session at lunch today, so tonight is less for remarks and more for networking.  But, because I have the mike….during my four years as Ambassador here, I have welcomed many U.S. businesses and have seen many productive partnerships formed with local businesses, investors, and distributors.  I’m incredbily encouraged by the depth of connection between our two countries, with the United States being Guyana’s largest trading partner.  And, being our largest trading partner is fantastic.

But, I bet that many here tonight did not know that Guyana and one state – the State of Florida – alone do over $400 million in bilateral trade every year?  That’s a great figure, but there’s room to do so much more.

Guyana is a rising leader in the region, and both the U.S. government and private sector have great interest in deepening our partnerships for the benefit of all Guyanese.  So, we are thrilled toyou’re your interest in Guyana – especially companies that can contribute so much to Guyana’s continued transformation.

Florida is a hub for some of the fastest growing sectors in Guyana: agriculture, health care, IT, and finance.  These sectors are critically important to Guyana’s development.  And, the diversity and quality of the successful businesses represented here tonight shows how partnership with a state like Florida can help Guyana grow – from food logistics to cybersecurity; from flood prevention to engineering; from green energy to housing (and so much more) – your companies offer quality products to a country looking for strong partnerships as Guyana develops and needs the best technologies and solutions available.

The United Sates is proud to be Guyana’s trusted partner – especially with great states like Florida – at the forefront.

So, Team Florida – you’re in the right place at the right time to be a part of Guyana’s incredible transformation.

I understand you will start official matchmaking at the Marriott tomorrow, but tonight I hope you make some productive connections.  Sometimes the best connections are made over a glass of Guyanese coconut water; better connections are made when coconut water comes with some excellent Guyanese rum!  Do enjoy!

Thank you for coming!