Ambassador Lynch delivers remarks at AMCHAM Guyana 5th Anniversary Gala

Remarks as prepared
Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch
AMCHAM Guyana 5th Anniversary Gala  
Marriott Hotel  
August 25, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests, and esteemed members and friends of the Amcham.

It is an honor and privilege to stand before you tonight (after many farewells) as we celebrate Amcham’s 5th anniversary. The last Amcham Gala was a few years ago with a much smaller crowd! I have had the great pleasure of working with AMCHAMs around the world during my career and I know from personal experience that this is one of the more critical relationships for the U.S. government. I believe we can safely say this Amcham is my favorite and has earned a solid reputation across the Caribbean for the incredible work you’ve done. Amcham’s support in nurturing the development of U.S. business interests in Guyana serves as an important landing point for American firms since it is often a point of first contact with the Guyanese people.

I have served in Guyana for over four and a half years and it has been a great honor to collaborate as we create FRIENDSHIP and build the country towards PROSPERITY.

Amcham executives both former and current have ingeniously nurtured a cadre of American firms united by a common goal to grow prosperity. This collaboration amongst U.S. firms serves as a bulwark for influence, for advocating for good governance, for fostering trade partnerships and for building a prosperous Guyana. We have spent countless hours working together to build the foundations of U.S.- Guyana commercial diplomacy together, and we will continue to propel this diplomacy forward in the coming years.

From informative webinars to providing firms with insight on Guyanese infrastructure and energy, from charting a path forward for businesses through a financial roadmap to providing young entrepreneurs  with opportunities for development, we have worked hard to foster an environment for a healthy, safe and prosperous Guyana. I know you will continue to craft innovative solutions to meet the challenges ahead.

I look forward to continued support by Amcham with events like the energy session coming up in September and hope to see Amcham playing a role in diversifying Guyana’s economy. Now is the time to create partnerships that will help ensure Guyana’s long-term growth. I ask that you continue to seek out partnerships that foster reliability and security, with partners who have a good track record.  For our part, the embassy will continue to seek interests emerging from finance, healthcare, and ICT to assist Guyana’s development and we look forward to growing and diversifying Guyana’s economy.

As I prepare to depart Georgetown, please know I look forward to visiting Guyana in the future and hearing the story of Guyana’s flourishing inclusive economy and the role Amcham played in shaping and securing that future.

As we reflect on Amcham’s accomplishments over the past five years, including your growth in membership beyond 170, your contributions to strengthening the U.S.-Guyana bilateral relationship are truly appreciated and I look forward to your invaluable collaboration with my successors.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every member of Amcham for your unwavering commitment in championing our bilateral relationship and cheers to Amcham on your fifth anniversary!