Ambassador Lynch bids farewell to Guyana.


U.S. Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch bids farewell to Guyana

Dear Citizens of Guyana,

Adventure, Friendship, Success – these are not only names of charming Guyanese villages, but also words that paint a picture of my experience in this beautiful land which I have called home for the past four and a half years.  It has been a joint ADVENTURE with so many of you – colleagues, partners, and FRIENDS – to resolve an election, leverage Guyana’s newfound wealth to attract U.S. strategic investments and facilitate inclusive economic development, and to advance shared security equities to improve regional security and put Guyana on the path to SUCCESS.  With my Embassy team, we built our work around the guiding vision of helping Guyana address issues of governance, prosperity and security in Guyana and the broader Caribbean region.  And, over four and a half years, we took on some of the most consequential challenges and explored the tremendous opportunities that exist across all three priority areas.  Guided by our common values, including defending democracy, promoting the rule of law, and protecting human rights, the United States worked alongside the Guyanese people and key institutions to:  improve transparency and accountability and modernize systems; triple our bilateral trade to a whopping $3.9 billion USD; help Guyana advance its Low Carbon Development Strategy; increase food security in the region; and, improve the capacity of law enforcement and defense institutions in a region that we share.  My team and I brought several high-level U.S. officials to Guyana including two secretaries of state, multiple assistant secretaries of state, two commanders from U.S. Southern Command, as well as many high-level congressional delegations to dialogue and partner with members of the government, the private sector and civil society on the critical issues facing this nation during its tremendous transformation.

As I depart Guyana and reflect upon my time here, I am so proud of all that my team accomplished in partnership with the government and people of Guyana.  I will miss Guyana’s breezy coast, rocky mountains, and breathtaking savannah.  I will miss your delicious food, rich culture, and fascinating flora and fauna.  I will miss endearing communities like Charity, Unity and Triumph whose names portend Guyana’s future as a caring, inclusive, and prosperous democratic nation.  Most of all, I will miss the delightful citizens of this beautiful land.  Your warmth and kindness to me was unsurpassed and I so appreciate you allowing me to be a guest in your nation for these past several years.

Your future is bright, Guyana, and like my favorite name of a tiny Guyanese community – Now or NeverNow is your moment, Guyana!  I wish you only the best success.  Farewell!


Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch

U.S. Ambassador to Guyana